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Work Plan. The scientific main goals of our proposal are to understand the biological intricacies of the disease in order to develop diagnostic, prognostic or predictive markers and more successful therapies. W e are also determined to optimize preventive strategies in lung cancer. To achieve these goals we have developed a work plan which includes 6 work packages (WPs).

WP1: Molecular mechanisms of respiratory tract carcinogenesis and metastasis

WP2: Molecular and genetic profiling of early stage and biomarkers

WP3: Discovery and preclinical validation of drug targets in LC.

WP4: New therapeutic strategies

WP5: Molecular and genetic profiling of metastatic disease for predicting response and resistance to conventional and novel treatments

WP6: Lung cancer prevention. Screening of lung cancer


Work Packages
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Correction: HPV Testing by cobas HPV Test in a Population from Catalonia.
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